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Find what you want while others are still searching – that's Qinq!

Want to search your favorite sites on the fly?
Want to obtain results faster and more efficiently?

With Qinq, search results are only a mouse click away!
While others are still opening their browsers, you've got the search results already on your screen.

Qinq works with almost any search-enabled website and can be called from any application. With Qinq you can find search results, translations, or rock bottom prices all in a flash!
Experience the power of the middle mouse button. Qinq is not just a tool – Qinq defines a new lifestyle for everyone who's online!

Qinq saves you time, is fun, and is free. It's guaranteed
to be free from harmful software; however, we should
point out that Qinq can be quite addictive...

Take part in it - think Qinq.
Qinq for Windows
2k/XP/Vista/7 32/64 v1.3.1
Freeware 1,18 MB (full install)

User Manual

Short User Manual